On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 12:38 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
> I wrote:
>> I left out the proposed regression tests because they fail in "make
>> installcheck" mode, unless you've previously built and installed cube
>> and seg, which seems like an unacceptable requirement to me.  I don't
>> think that leaving the code untested is a good final answer, of course.
>> The idea I was toying with was to create a dummy extension for testing
>> purposes by means of doing a direct INSERT into pg_extension --- which
>> is ugly and would only work for superusers, but the latter is true of
>> "CREATE EXTENSION cube" too.  Anybody have a better idea?
> I had a possibly better idea: instead of manufacturing an empty extension
> with a direct INSERT, hack on the one extension that we know for sure
> will be installed, namely postgres_fdw itself.  So we could do, eg,
> create function foo() ...
> alter extension postgres_fdw add function foo();
> and then test shippability of foo() with or without having listed
> postgres_fdw as a shippable extension.

Yeah, I don't have a better idea than that. Could we consider shipping
that in a different library than postgres_fdw.so, like
postgres_fdw_test.so? That's still strange to have a dummy object in
postgres_fdw.so just for testing purposes.

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