Amit Kapila wrote:

> The reason for not updating the patch related to this thread is that it is
> dependent on the work for refactoring the tranches for LWLocks [1]
> which is now coming towards an end, so I think it is quite reasonable
> that the patch can be updated for this work during commit fest, so
> I am moving it to upcoming CF.

Thanks.  I think the tranche reworks are mostly done now, so is anyone
submitting an updated version of this patch?

Also, it would be very good if someone can provide insight on how this
patch interacts with the other submitted patch for "waiting for
Andres seems to think that the other patch is completely independent of
this one, i.e. the "waiting for replication" column needs to exist
separately and not as part of the "more descriptive" new 'waiting'

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