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> > Amit Kapila wrote:
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> >> The reason for not updating the patch related to this thread is that
it is
> >> dependent on the work for refactoring the tranches for LWLocks [1]
> >> which is now coming towards an end, so I think it is quite reasonable
> >> that the patch can be updated for this work during commit fest, so
> >> I am moving it to upcoming CF.
> >
> > Thanks.  I think the tranche reworks are mostly done now, so is anyone
> > submitting an updated version of this patch?
> >

Before updating the patch, it is better to clarify few points as mentioned

> > Also, it would be very good if someone can provide insight on how this
> > patch interacts with the other submitted patch for "waiting for
> > replication" https://commitfest.postgresql.org/8/436/
> > Andres seems to think that the other patch is completely independent of
> > this one, i.e. the "waiting for replication" column needs to exist
> > separately and not as part of the "more descriptive" new 'waiting'
> > column.
> Yeah, I really don't agree with that.  I think that it's much better
> to have one column that says what you are waiting for than a bunch of
> separate columns that tell you whether you are waiting for individual
> things for which you might be waiting.  I think this patch, which
> introduces the general mechanism, should win: and the other patch
> should then be one client of that mechanism.

I agree with what you have said, but I think here bigger question is about
the UI and which is the more appropriate place to store wait information. I
will try to summarize the options discussed.

Initially, we started with extending the 'waiting' column in
to which some people have raised concerns about backward
compatability, so another option that came-up during discussion was to
retain waiting as it-is and have an additional column 'wait_event' in
pg_stat_activity, after that there is feedback that we should try to include
wait information about background processes as well which raises a bigger
question whether it is any good to expose this information via
(pg_stat_activity doesn't display information about background processes)
or is it better to have a new view as discussed here [1].

Second important and somewhat related point is whether we should save
this information in PGPROC as 4 bytes or keep it in pgBackendStatus.
I think it is better to store in PGPROC, if we want to save wait information
for backend processes as well.

I am of opinion that we should save this information in PGPROC and
expose it via new view, but I am open to go other ways based on what
others think about this matter.

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