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> > Second important and somewhat related point is whether we should save
> > this information in PGPROC as 4 bytes or keep it in pgBackendStatus.
> > I think it is better to store in PGPROC, if we want to save wait
> > for backend processes as well.
> >
> > I am of opinion that we should save this information in PGPROC and
> > expose it via new view, but I am open to go other ways based on what
> > others think about this matter.
> My opinion is that storing the information in PGPROC is better because
> it seems like we can fairly painlessly expose 4 bytes of data that way
> instead of 1, which is nice.

Okay, do you mean to say that we can place this new 4-byte variable
in PGPROC at 4-byte aligned boundary, so both read and writes will be

> On the topic of the UI, I understand that redefining
> pg_stat_activity.waiting might cause some short-term annoyance.  But I
> think in the long term what we are proposing here is going to be a
> huge improvement, so I think it's worth the compatibility break.  If
> we say that pg_stat_activity.waiting has to continue meaning "waiting
> for a heavyweight lock" even though we now also expose (in some other
> location) information on other kinds of waits, that's going to be
> confusing to users.

If we want to go via this route, then the first thing which we need to
decide is whether we want to start displaying the information of
background processes like WALWriter and others in pg_stat_activity?
Second thing that needs some thoughts is that functions like
pg_stat_get_activity() needs to rely both on PgBackendStatus and
PGProc and we might also need to do some special handling for
background processes if want the information for those processes
in this view.

>  It's better to force people to update their
> queries once than to have this confusing wart in the system forever.
> I predict that if we make backward compatibility the priority here,
> we'll still be explaining it to smart but confused people when 9.6
> goes EOL.

Valid point, OTOH we can update the docs to say that
pg_stat_activity.waiting parameter is deprecated and after a
release or two we can get rid of this parameter.

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