On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 8:40 AM, Ashutosh Bapat
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> I started reviewing the other patches.
> In patch foreign_join_v16.patch, the user mapping structure being passed to
> GetConnection() is the one obtained from GetUserMappingById().
> GetUserMappingById() constructs the user mapping structure from the user
> mapping catalog. For public user mappings, catalog entries have InvalidOid
> as userid. Thus, with this patch there is a chance that userid in
> UserMapping being passed to GetConnection(), contains InvalidOid as userid.
> This is not the case today. The UserMapping structure constructed using
> GetUserMapping(Oid userid, Oid serverid) (which ultimately gets passed to
> GetConnection()), has the passed in userid and not the one in the catalog.
> Is this change intentional?

This point seems not to have been addressed.

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