>Okay, I agree that reporting just the current blkno is simple and good
>enough. How about numbers of what we're going to report as the "Vacuuming
>Index and Heap" phase? I guess we can still keep the scanned_index_pages
>and index_scan_count So we have:
>+CREATE VIEW pg_stat_vacuum_progress AS
>+       SELECT
>+              S.pid,
>+              S.relid,
>+              S.phase,
>+              S.total_heap_blks,
>+              S.current_heap_blkno,
>+              S.total_index_pages,
>+              S.scanned_index_pages,
>+              S.index_scan_count
>+              S.percent_complete,
>+       FROM pg_stat_get_vacuum_progress() AS S;
>I guess it won't remain pg_stat_get_"vacuum"_progress(
>), though.

Apart from these, as suggested in [1] , finer grained reporting from index
vacuuming phase can provide better insight. Currently we report number of
blocks processed once at the end of vacuuming of each index.
IIUC, what was suggested in [1] was instrumenting lazy_tid_reaped with a
counter to count number of index tuples processed so far as lazy_tid_reaped
is called for every index tuple to see if it matches any of the dead tuple

So additional parameters for each index can be,
total_index_tuples (from pg_class.reltuples entry)

Thank you,
Rahila Syed

[1]. http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/56500356.4070...@bluetreble.com

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