On 1/27/2016 11:47 AM, Chapman Flack wrote:

Thanks. :)  On occasions in the past I have written it
correctly ... there is evidence in the archives ....
I believe that! I actually never remember if it's 223 or 233 and I always google it before I post, so in a way I cheated ;)

we will be able to use Javascript
through that via the Nashorn project,
Yes, that's an attraction for me, as the JSR-two-twenty-three
engine for JS is now typically already included with the JRE.
(Technically, I keep reading that there is no two-twenty-three
engine that *needs* to be included and it's totally up to the
JRE packager ... but there have actually been some JavaScript
snippets in PL/Java's build process since July 2014 and no one
has yet reported they broke the build.)
This can be a major thing. I will open a ticket in https://github.com/tada/pljava -- or is it already on the roadmap?

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