On 01/27/16 22:26, Igal @ Lucee.org wrote:

> If I can help with anything with the pl/Java project I'd love to help.

Man, you do NOT know what you just walked into.  :D

The most imminent thing I see happening is s/1.5.0-SNAPSHOT/1.5.0-BETA1
which is not far off, so testing is always good. Maybe a good opportunity
for you to try it out, get some Lucee code running ... but by separately
compiling and installing jars at first, no JSR two-twenty-three for the
near future. See if it even does what you're hoping it'll do. Depending
on what's reported during beta, there could be delightful diagnostic
diversions too.

I guess getting some time in playing with PostgreSQL and installing
PL/Java would be the right way to start.  Discussion that's specific
to PL/Java and might not interest all of -hackers can also happen on


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