Peter Eisentraut wrote:

> On 2/9/16 11:21 AM, Daniel Verite wrote:
> > Note that NULL values in the column that pivots are discarded
> > by \crosstabview, because NULL as the name of a column does not
> > make sense.
> Why not?
> All you're doing is printing it out, and psql is quite capable of
> printing a null value.

Initially it's by analogy with the crosstab SRF, but it's true
that the same principle does not have to apply to crosstabview.

The code could set in the header whatever text "pset null" is set to,
at the place where a pivoted NULL would be supposed to go
if it was not filtered out in the first place.

I'll consider implementing that change if there's no objection.

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Daniel Vérité
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