Alvaro Herrera wrote:

> Also, what about the business of putting "x" if there's no third column?
> Three months from now some Czech psql hacker will say "we should use
> Unicode chars for this" and we will be forever stuck with \pset
> unicode_crosstab_marker to change the character to a ☑ BALLOT BOX WITH
> CZECH.  Maybe we should think that a bit harder -- for example, what
> about just rejecting the case with no third column and forcing the user
> to add a third column with the character they choose?  That way you
> avoid that mess.

Yes,  that implicit "X" with 2 column resultsets is not essential, it may
be removed without real damage.

About the possible suggestion to have a \pset unicode_crosstab_marker,
my opinion would be that it's not important enough to justify a new
\pset setting.

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