Thinking about this some more though, perhaps *sorting* the columns is
> the wrong way to be thinking about it. Perhaps a better approach would
> be to allow the columns to be *listed* (optionally, using a separate
> query). Something like the following (don't get too hung up on the
> syntax):
> SELECT name,
>        to_char(date, 'Mon') AS month,
>        sum(amount) AS amount
>  FROM invoices
>  GROUP BY 1,2
>  ORDER BY name
> \crosstabview cols = (select to_char(d, 'Mon') from
> generate_series('2000-01-01'::date, '2000-12-01', '1 month') d)

The idea is ok, but this design cannot be described as user friendly. The
work with time dimension is pretty common, and should be supported by some
short user friendly syntax.



> Regards,
> Dean

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