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        Alvaro Herrera wrote:

While I understand that you may think that "silence is consent",
what I am afraid of is that some committer will look at this two
months from now and say "I hate this Hcol+ stuff, -1 from me" and
send the patch back for syntax rework.  IMO it's better to have more
people chime in here so that the patch that we discuss during the
next commitfest is really the best one we can think of.

Yes, but on the other hand we can't force people to participate.
If a patch is moving forward and being discussed here between
one author and one reviewer, and nothing particularly wrong
pops out in what is discussed, the reality if that other people will
not intervene.

The problem is that assumes people are still reading the thread. This is a feature I'm very interested, but at some point I just gave up on trying to follow it because of the volume of messages. I bet a lot of others did the same.

I think in this case, what should have happened is that once an issue with the design of the feature itself was identified, a new thread should have been started to discuss that part in particular. That would have re-raised attention and made it easier for people to follow that specific part of the discussion, even if they don't care about some if the code intricacies.

Besides, as it being mentioned here frequently, all patches, even
much more important ones, are short on reviews and reviewers
and testing, still new stuff must keep getting in the source tree
to progress.

Sure, and new stuff will be making it in. The question is: will *your* new stuff be making it in?

Believe me, I know how burdensome getting new features pushed is. Frankly it shouldn't be this hard, and I certainly don't blame you for being frustrated. But none of that changes the fact that the bar for including code is very high and if you don't meet it then your stuff won't make it in.
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