"Daniel Verite" <dan...@manitou-mail.org> writes:
>       Dean Rasheed wrote:
>> I don't think we should allow sorting colV values client-side,
>> overriding a server-side ORDER BY clause in the query.

> I shared that opinion until (IIRC) the v8 or v9 of the patch.
> Most of the evolution of this patch has been to go
> from no client-side sorting option at all, to the full range
> of possibilities, ascending or descending, and in both
> vertical and horizontal directions.

I haven't been paying attention to this thread ... but it is sure
sounding like this feature has gotten totally out of hand.  Suggest
reconsidering your design goals.

> Or said otherwise, having the [+/-] colV sorting is a way to
> avoid the question:
> "we can sort the horizontal header, so why can't we sort the
> vertical header just the same?"

I would turn that around, and ask why not remove *both* those things.

I do not think we want any client-side sorting in this feature at all,
because the minute you have any such thing, you are going to have an
absolutely never-ending stream of demands for more sorting features:
multi column, numeric vs text, ASC vs DESC, locale-aware, etc etc etc.
I'd rather reject the feature altogether than expect that psql is going
to have to grow all of that.

                        regards, tom lane

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