On 2/8/16 10:02 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:

    I think it would make sense to implement the interface in at least
    one of our other supported PLs. I'm not entirely clear how well this
    will match up with, say, plperl, but I'd be interested to see.

The minimalistic interface can be based on get/set functions. We can do
necessary transformations there.

get/set functions where?

I don't think that really makes sense. I would expect schema variables to be exposed to a function as variables or attributes, either in the global namespace for that PL, or as an attribute of some object (ie the plpy object in plpython).

I certainly wouldn't expect this patch to do that for all existing PLs, but I think it's important to do it for one PL besides plpgsql to make sure there's no gotchas.
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