On 2/10/16 11:33 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:

    I don't think that really makes sense. I would expect schema
    variables to be exposed to a function as variables or attributes,
    either in the global namespace for that PL, or as an attribute of
    some object (ie the plpy object in plpython).

I don't know a python, and I don't know what is possible there and what
I know. Set/Get function I can implement in any PL other than PLpgSQL.
You have to do conversion from Postgres type to PL types and I can do it
in function.

Requiring PLs to go through the native SPI to get to schema variables is just plain ugly and inefficient. Why wouldn't they be exposed natively?

Not designing these things through is how we ended up with the mess that is composite types and arrays in plpython and pltcl. I'm not saying any PLs besides plpgsql need to support this natively out of the box, but we better have an idea of how they would support it (and it'd be a good idea if at least one other PL did support it).
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