On 02/08/2016 03:16 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:

On Russian PgConf I had a talk with Oleg about missing features in PLpgSQL, that can complicates a migrations from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Currently I see only one blocker - missing protected session variables. PL/SQL has package variables with possible only package scope and session life cycle. Currently we cannot to ensure/enforce schema scope visibility - and we cannot to implement this functionality in PL languages other than C.

I propose really basic functionality, that can be enhanced in future - step by step. This proposal doesn't contain any controversial feature or syntax, I hope. It is related to PLpgSQL only, but described feature can be used from any PL languages with implemented interface.

I think it would make sense to implement the interface in at least one of our other supported PLs. I'm not entirely clear how well this will match up with, say, plperl, but I'd be interested to see.



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