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> On 2/8/16 10:02 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
>>     I think it would make sense to implement the interface in at least
>>     one of our other supported PLs. I'm not entirely clear how well this
>>     will match up with, say, plperl, but I'd be interested to see.
>> The minimalistic interface can be based on get/set functions. We can do
>> necessary transformations there.
> get/set functions where?
> I don't think that really makes sense. I would expect schema variables to
> be exposed to a function as variables or attributes, either in the global
> namespace for that PL, or as an attribute of some object (ie the plpy
> object in plpython).

I don't know a python, and I don't know what is possible there and what I
know. Set/Get function I can implement in any PL other than PLpgSQL. You
have to do conversion from Postgres type to PL types and I can do it in

> I certainly wouldn't expect this patch to do that for all existing PLs,
> but I think it's important to do it for one PL besides plpgsql to make sure
> there's no gotchas.
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