Michael Meskes writes:
 > On Mon, Jan 27, 2003 at 11:52:18AM +0000, Lee Kindness wrote:
 > > I've spent a bit of time on making ecpg thread safe over Christmas,
 > > while it's not finished i'm sure the attached patch is at least useful
 > > and a step in the right direction.
 > Thanks a lot. I have no experience in multithreaded software development
 > so I cannot completely check your patch but it surely looks good. Shall
 > I commit it, or will you? I think we should get it into CVS for all to
 > test.

Problem with it is it needs some changes to configure.in (and
associated files) for it to be worthwhile. Checks would need to be
added to determine is threads are supported on the build platform and
the needed compile and link flags. I'm trying to get this together for
libpq too.

 > Just two questions:
 > - Is it neccessary to patch c.h for ecpg?

No, but each ecpg source file would need something like:

 # include <pthread.h>
 # include <errno.h>

It's in c.h just now for ease of testing.

 > - Not sure with the version numbering but I can fix that later.

As discussed on pgsql-hackers after the 7.3 release any "binary
incompatible" library change needs a major version number increase.


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