Michael Meskes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Keep the thread hacking on the client side, please.  Isn't there one of
>> the ecpg/include/ files that would be suitable?

> Yes, there is. Better make that there are. There is a file called
> extern.h both in preproc as well as in lib and each file in the
> directory does include the extern.h in its own directory. So we just
> need to add it twice I guess.

The preproc code doesn't need to be thread-safe does it?

One issue we already fought with for large-file support is that that
#define _REENTRANT probably needs to appear before you start to include
any system header files.  You may find that the best way to handle it
is to make it a "-D_REENTRANT" added to CPPFLAGS (only within ecpg/lib),
rather than trying to find a safe place to put it in the .h files.

                        regards, tom lane

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