Shridhar Daithankar writes:
 > On 27 Jan 2003 at 14:06, Lee Kindness wrote:
 > > Michael Meskes writes:
 > >  > Thanks a lot. I have no experience in multithreaded software development
 > >  > so I cannot completely check your patch but it surely looks good. Shall
 > >  > I commit it, or will you? I think we should get it into CVS for all to
 > >  > test.
 > > Problem with it is it needs some changes to (and
 > > associated files) for it to be worthwhile. Checks would need to be
 > > added to determine is threads are supported on the build platform and
 > > the needed compile and link flags. I'm trying to get this together for
 > > libpq too.
 > Just out of curiosity, what happens when there are more than one competing 
 > threading libraries? Like native threads and linuxthreads on freeBSD?

It's all down to the checks in configure... Looking at many packages
which have threads check in configure (e.g. openldap, mysql, mozilla,
glib, ...) some let the user specify which theading library to use
(e.g --with-threads=linuxthreads (or something)) while others just
seem to pick up the first available...

To be honest I am quite daunted by the checks needed (every other
package seems to be doing the check differently!) and any/all help
would be welcome!


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