Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> My idea on this after chat with Dave was to add a GUC option that puts
> the schema.table.column name as the default column label, rather than
> just the column name.

And will you quotify things so that names containing dots, spaces, etc
are unambiguous?

I think the above is a very poor substitute for doing it properly,
namely returning the values in separate fields.  We should not allow
ourselves to get lured into a dead end just because we can do it without
obviously breaking the protocol.  (I would argue that this breaks the
protocol anyway, though.)

> I am not overly excited
> about doing this at the protocol level unless there is major need for it.

I'm not excited about doing it at all, unless we do it right.  We can
already have half-baked solutions on the client side ;-)

                        regards, tom lane

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