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My idea on this after chat with Dave was to add a GUC option that puts
the schema.table.column name as the default column label, rather than
just the column name.  (That's so easy, I think even I could do it.)  If
they over-ride it with AS, or if it is an aggregate or FROM subquery, we
just return the default label as we do now --- we could return no label
for those cases, but that seems too drastic.  I am not overly excited
about doing this at the protocol level unless there is major need for it.

You will ***BREAK*** people.



Tom Lane wrote:
"Reggie Burnett" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> When talking about expressions,views, or any other construct that could
> combine values from multiple tables I think it is reasonable to provide
> null as the table name.  Any one or any process requesting the table
> name has to understand that not all SQL parameters have a base table
> name.  However, in the case where a single table is involved, table and
> schema names should be available.

That seems quite pointless.  You hardly need the backend's help to
determine which column belongs to which table in a single-table query.
AFAICS this facility is only of interest if it does something useful
in not-so-trivial cases.

			regards, tom lane

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