On 02/18/16 19:35, Amit Langote wrote:

> Apparently, the deadline is: February 20, 2016 at 04:00 (+0900 UTC)
> https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/

For anybody finding that web site as anti-navigable as I did, here
are more direct links to the actual rules, and terms of agreement
for the various participants:


Here is a question: does it ever happen that PostgreSQL acts as
the org for a project that is PostgreSQL-related but isn't
directly PGDG-led?

... there are definitely interesting and promising areas for further
development in PL/Java beyond what I would ever have time to tackle
solo, and I could easily enjoy mentoring someone through one or
another of them over a summer, which could also help reinvigorate
the project and get another developer familiar with it at a
non-superficial level.  While I could easily see myself mentoring,
I think it would feel like overkill to apply individually as a
one-trick 'organization'.

I see that there was a "based on PL/Java" GSoC'12 project, so maybe
there is some room for non-core ideas under the PostgreSQL ægis?

In any case, I am quite confident that I could *not* complete a
separate org application by tomorrow 2 pm EST. In reading the rules,
it looks possible that the Ideas List does not have to accompany
the org application, but would be needed shortly after acceptance?

If acceptance announcements are 29 February, I could have some
ideas drafted by then.

Is this a thinkable thought?


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