Oleg and I discussed recently that a really good addition to a GSoC item would be to study whether it's convenient to have a binary serialization format for jsonb over the wire. Some argue this should be benchmarked first. So the scope for this project would be to benchmark and analyze the potential improvements and then agree on which format jsonb could be serialized to (apart from the current on-disk format, there are many json or nested k-v formats that could be used for sending over the wire).

    I would like to mentor this project with Oleg.



Álvaro Hernández Tortosa


On 17/02/16 08:40, Amit Langote wrote:
Hi Shubham,

On 2016/02/17 16:27, Shubham Barai wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am currently pursuing my bachelor of engineering in computer science
at Maharashtra
Institute of Technology, Pune ,India. I am very excited about contributing
to postgres through google summer of code program.

Is postgres   applying for gsoc 2016 as mentoring organization ?
I think it does.  Track this page for updates:

You can contact one of the people listed on that page for the latest.

I didn't find for 2016 but here is the PostgreSQL wiki page for the last
year's GSoC page: https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/GSoC_2015#Project_Ideas


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