On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 1:38 AM, Valery Popov <v.po...@postgrespro.ru> wrote:
> Hi, Michael
> 23.02.2016 10:17, Michael Paquier пишет:
>> Attached is a set of patches implementing a couple of things that have
>> been discussed, so let's roll in.
>> Those 4 patches are aimed at putting in-core basics for the concept I
>> call password protocol aging, which is a way to allow multiple
>> password protocols to be defined in Postgres, and aimed at easing
>> administration as well as retirement of outdated protocols, which is
>> something that is not doable now in Postgres.
>> The second set of patch 0005~0008 introduces a new protocol, SCRAM.
>> 9) 0009 is the SCRAM authentication itself....
> The theme with password checking is interesting for me, and I can give
> review for CF for some features.
> I think that review of all suggested features will require a lot of time.
> Is it possible to make subset of patches concerning only password strength
> and its aging?
> The patches you have applied are non-independent. They should be apply
> consequentially one by one.
> Thus the patch 0009 can't be applied without git error  before 0001.
> In this conditions all patches were successfully applied and compiled.
> All tests successfully passed.

If you want to focus on the password protocol aging, you could just
have a look at 0001~0004.

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