<varname>db_user_namespace</> causes the client's and
        server's user name representation to differ.
        Authentication checks are always done with the server's user name
        so authentication methods must be configured for the
        server's user name, not the client's.  Because
        <literal>md5</> uses the user name as salt on both the
        client and server, <literal>md5</> cannot be used with
Also in doc/src/sgml/ref/create_role.sgml is should be instead of
<term>PASSWORD VERIFIERS ( <replaceable class="PARAMETER">verifier_type</replaceable> = '<replaceable class="PARAMETER">password</replaceable>'</term>
like this
<term><literal>PASSWORD VERIFIERS</> ( <replaceable class="PARAMETER">verifier_type</replaceable> = '<replaceable class="PARAMETER">password</replaceable>'</term>-- Regards, Valery Popov Postgres Professional http://www.postgrespro.com The Russian Postgres Company

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