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23.02.2016 10:17, Michael Paquier пишет:
Attached is a set of patches implementing a couple of things that have
been discussed, so let's roll in.

Those 4 patches are aimed at putting in-core basics for the concept I
call password protocol aging, which is a way to allow multiple
password protocols to be defined in Postgres, and aimed at easing
administration as well as retirement of outdated protocols, which is
something that is not doable now in Postgres.

The second set of patch 0005~0008 introduces a new protocol, SCRAM.
9) 0009 is the SCRAM authentication itself....
The theme with password checking is interesting for me, and I can give
review for CF for some features.
I think that review of all suggested features will require a lot of time. Is it possible to make subset of patches concerning only password strength
and its aging?
The patches you have applied are non-independent. They should be apply
consequentially one by one.
Thus the patch 0009 can't be applied without git error  before 0001.
In this conditions all patches were successfully applied and compiled.
All tests successfully passed.
If you want to focus on the password protocol aging, you could just
have a look at 0001~0004.
OK, I will review patches 0001-0004, for starting.

Below are the results of compiling and testing.
I've got the last version of sources from git://git.postgresql.org/git/postgresql.git.

vpopov@vpopov-Ubuntu:~/Projects/pwdtest/postgresql$ git branch
* master

Then I've applied patches 0001-0004 with two warnings:
vpopov@vpopov-Ubuntu:~/Projects/pwdtest/postgresql$ git apply 0001-Add-facility-to-store-multiple-password-verifiers.patch 0001-Add-facility-to-store-multiple-password-verifiers.patch:2547: trailing whitespace.
warning: 1 line adds whitespace errors.
vpopov@vpopov-Ubuntu:~/Projects/pwdtest/postgresql$ git apply 0002-Introduce-password_protocols.patch vpopov@vpopov-Ubuntu:~/Projects/pwdtest/postgresql$ git apply 0003-Add-pg_auth_verifiers_sanitize.patch
0003-Add-pg_auth_verifiers_sanitize.patch:87: indent with spaces.
    if (!superuser())
warning: 1 line adds whitespace errors.
vpopov@vpopov-Ubuntu:~/Projects/pwdtest/postgresql$ git apply 0004-Remove-password-verifiers-for-unsupported-protocols-.patch The compilation with option ./configure --enable-debug --enable-nls --enable-cassert --enable-tap-tests --with-perl
was successful.
Regression tests and all TAP-tests also passed successfully.

Also I've applied patches 0005-0008 into clean sources directory with no warnings. vpopov@vpopov-Ubuntu:~/Projects/pwdtest2/postgresql$ git apply 0005-Move-sha1.c-to-src-common.patch vpopov@vpopov-Ubuntu:~/Projects/pwdtest2/postgresql$ git apply 0006-Refactor-sendAuthRequest.patch vpopov@vpopov-Ubuntu:~/Projects/pwdtest2/postgresql$ git apply 0007-Refactor-RandomSalt-to-handle-salts-of-different-len.patch vpopov@vpopov-Ubuntu:~/Projects/pwdtest2/postgresql$ git apply 0008-Move-encoding-routines-to-src-common.patch The compilation with option ./configure --enable-debug --enable-nls --enable-cassert --enable-tap-tests --with-perl
was successful.
Regression and the TAP-tests also passed successfully.

The patch 0009 depends on all previous patches 0001-0008: first we need to apply patches 0001-0008, then 0009.
Then, all patches were successfully compiled.
All test passed.

Valery Popov
Postgres Professional http://www.postgrespro.com
The Russian Postgres Company

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