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    On 03/03/2016 09:02 AM, Michael Paquier wrote:

        Microsoft provides a set of VMs that one can use for testing and
        Windows 10 is in the set:
        I have grabbed one and installed the community version of Visual
        Studio 2015 so I think that I am going to be able to compile
        with VS2015 with a bit of black magic.

        So, would there be interest for a patch on the perl scripts in
        src/tools/msvc or are they considered a lost cause? Having a look at
        the failures could be done with the cmake work, but it seems a bit
        premature to me to look at that for the moment, and having
        support for
        VS2015 with 9.5 (support for new versions of VS won a backpatch the
        last couple of years) would be a good thing I think.

    I am not holding my breath on cmake. Until we have something pretty
    solid on that front I'm going to assume it's not happening. If we're
    going to support VS2015 (and I think we should) then it should be
    supported for all live branches if possible. I'm assuming the
    changes would be pretty localized, at least in src/tools/msvc, and
    adding a new compile shouldn't break anything with existing compilers.


Definitely do it for HEAD.

Then if it gets backpatched is going to depend on the locality I think.
If it's just the build system then it should be no problem, but I
thought Michael also suggested some API changes. If that's so, then it
is going to depend on how invasive those are. But that part should be
done for HEAD regardless, so it's definitely worth the effort to figure
out exactly what it involves.

Well the source code does not compile on MSVC2015, the perl changes needed are really tiny, there is some code that needs changes to work with 2015, particularly in the locale code-page detection area so it's definitely not just build system. But I think it should be fairly localized and fenced by ifdef anyway.

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