Michael Paquier wrote:

> - 0001, as mentioned by Petr upthread, psed is removed from the core
> distribution of Perl in 5.22, so when installing ActivePerl it is not
> possible to create probes.h, and the code compilation would fail. I
> bumped into that so here is a patch. What I am proposing here is to
> replace psed by sed, sed being available in MSYS like bison and flex,
> so when building using MSVC the environment to set up is normally
> already good to go even with this additional dependency. Now, it is
> important to mention that probes.h is not part of a source tarball. I
> think that we would want probes.h to be part of a source tarball so as
> it would be possible to compile the code on Windows using MSVC without
> having to install MSYS. I haven't done that in this patch, thoughts on
> the matter are welcome.

I think the path of least resistance is to change the sed script into a
Perl script.  Should be fairly simple ...

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