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> Jan Wieck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > And what about MySQL?
> What about it?  Someone claimed in this thread that MySQL's Windows port
> requires Cygwin.  Is that true or not?

For reference, from the INSTALL-SOURCE file included in 
the MySQL sources which I have lying about [*]:

[*] danged legacy applications ;-)


Windows Source Distribution

You will need the following:

   * VC++ 6.0 compiler (updated with 4 or 5 SP and Pre-processor
     package) The Pre-processor package is necessary for the macro
     assembler.  More details at:

   * The MySQL source distribution for Windows, which can be downloaded
     from `http://www.mysql.com/downloads/'.

Building MySQL

  1. Create a work directory (e.g., workdir).

  2. Unpack the source distribution in the aforementioned directory.

  3. Start the VC++ 6.0 compiler.

  4. In the `File' menu, select `Open Workspace'.

  5. Open the `mysql.dsw' workspace you find on the work directory.

  6. From the `Build' menu, select the `Set Active Configuration' menu.

  7. Click over the screen selecting `mysqld - Win32 Debug' and click

  8. Press `F7' to begin the build of the debug server, libs, and some
     client applications.

  9. When the compilation finishes, copy the libs and the executables
     to a separate directory.

 10. Compile the release versions that you want, in the same way.

 11. Create the directory for the MySQL stuff: e.g., `c:\mysql'

 12. From the workdir directory copy for the c:\mysql directory the
     following directories:

        * Data

        * Docs

        * Share

 13. Create the directory `c:\mysql\bin' and copy all the servers and
     clients that you compiled previously.

 14. If you want, also create the `lib' directory and copy the libs
     that you compiled previously.

 15. Do a clean using Visual Studio.

Set up and start the server in the same way as for the binary Windows
distribution. *Note Windows prepare environment::.


Ian Barwick

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