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> "Dave Page" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I would also point out that we already list the Cygwin port of
> > PostgreSQL as supported. Who ever gave that the kind of testing people
> > are demanding now? I think the worst case scenario will be that our
> > Win32 port is far better than the existing 'supported' solution.
> A good point --- but what this is really about is expectations.  If we
> support a native Windows port then people will probably think that it's
> okay to run production databases on that setup; whereas I doubt many
> people would think that about the Cygwin-based port.  So what we need to
> know is whether the platform is actually stable enough that that's a
> reasonable thing to do; so that we can plaster the docs with appropriate
> disclaimers if necessary.  Windows, unlike the other OSes mentioned in
> this thread, has a long enough and sorry enough track record that it
> seems appropriate to run such tests ...
>                       regards, tom lane
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Ah, well - I wanted to hold off but could not.

First, a disclaimer: I don't like Windows at all. There, you got it.

But: it's actually quite stable if you configure it well, and don't run the 3 
million available 'dang, this looks nice' tools on it. Place it in the 
corner, let it run only server apps, and it serves well and stable. In my 
experience (and I have quite some experience in letting Win machines run in 
heavy-duty 24/7 production floors) they will happily run and not eat data 
until the some hardware breaks or disks overflow, just like any OS.

So, please, don't let a 'I don't like it' kind of flamewar hinder a native 
port. And please no more 'not for production use' warnings - see above.
Make this 'not for production use on workstations'.

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