I also wonder whether the patch should add explanation of OR-clauses
handling into the READMEs in src/backend/access/*
Not yet, but will

The patch would probably benefit from transforming it into a patch
series - one patch for the infrastructure shared by all the indexes,
then one patch per index type. That should make it easier to review, and
I seriously doubt we'd want to commit this in one huge chunk anyway.
I splitted to two:
1 0001-idx_or_core - only planner and executor changes
2 0002-idx_or_indexes - BRIN/GIN/GiST changes with tests

I don't think that splitting of second patch adds readability but increase management diffculties, but if your insist I will split.

4) scanGetItem is a prime example of the "badly needs comments" issue,
particularly because the previous version of the function actually had
quite a lot of them while the new function has none.

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