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Still to do: the non-perl pieces.

The patch to address locales is the sensitive part. The patch from
Petr is taking the correct approach though I think that we had better
simplify it a bit and if possible we had better not rely on the else
block it introduces.

OK, the please send an updated set of patches for what remains.

Here you go:
- 0001 fixes the global declarations of TIMEZONE_GLOBAL and
TZNAME_GLOBAL to be WIN32-compliant. I got bitten by that in the ECPG
- 0002, support of VS2015 in the scripts of src/tools/msvc
- 0003, this is necessary in order to run the regression tests,
details are here:

So that's basically what Andres did? Interesting that we now actually really need it. I was in favor of doing those changes in any case.

- 0004 is the fix for locales. This is actually Petr's work upthread,
I have updated comments in the code though and did a bit more
polishing. This still looks like the cleanest solution we have. Other
solutions are mentioned upthread: redeclaration of struct _locale_t in
backend code is one.

Thanks for polishing this.

I think this is ready to be committed, but the 0003 might be somewhat controversial based on the original thread.

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