On 26/03/16 08:17, Jim Nasby wrote:
On 3/24/16 10:27 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
It's conceivable that we could do something like adding an "isdead"
column to pg_enum and making enum_in reject new values that're marked
isdead.  But I can't see that we'd ever be able to support true
removal of an enum value at reasonable cost.  And I'm not really sure
where the use-case argument is for working hard on it.

I wonder if we could handle this by allowing foreign keys on enum columns back to pg_enum. Presumably that means we'd have to treat pg_enum as a regular table and not a catalog table. Due to locking concerns I don't think we'd want to put the FKs in place by default either.

I've certainly heard people avoiding ENUMs because of their limitations, so it'd be nice if there was a way to lift them.
Well, I use Enums extensively in Java.

However, I totally avoid using ENUMs in pg, due to their inflexibility!


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