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ilm...@ilmari.org (Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker) writes:

I was bored and thought "how hard could it be?", and a few hours'
hacking later, I have something that seems to work.  It doesn't do IF
NOT EXISTS yet, and the error messaging could do with some improvement,
and there are no docs.  The patch is attached, as well as at

Here's v3 of the patch of the patch, which I consider ready for proper

A couple of trivial comments below.

+ <term><literal>ALTER VALUE [ IF EXISTST ] TO [ IF NOT EXISTS ]</literal></term>


+ If <literal>IF EXISTS</literal> or is <literal>IF NOT EXISTS</literal> + is specified, it is not an error if the type doesn't contain the old

double is

  +      if the old value is not alreeady present or the new value is.

typo alreeady

  + * RenameEnumLabel
  + *           Add a new label to the enum set. By default it goes at


  +     if (!stmt->oldVal) {

not project curly brace style


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