On 3/25/16 2:22 PM, Gavin Flower wrote:

I've certainly heard people avoiding ENUMs because of their
limitations, so it'd be nice if there was a way to lift them.
Well, I use Enums extensively in Java.

However, I totally avoid using ENUMs in pg, due to their inflexibility!

Possibly related to this, for a long time I've also wanted a way to better integrate FKs, probably via some kind of a pseudotype or maybe a special operator. The idea being that instead of manually specifying joins, you could treat a FK field in a table as a pointer and do things like:

CREATE TABLE invoice(customer int NOT NULL REFERENCES(customer));

SELECT invoice.*, customer->first_name, customer->last_name, ...
  FROM invoice;

If we had that capability, there would be less need for ENUMs.
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