I've tested the v2, v3 and v3.1 of the patch, to see if there are any
differences. The v2 no longer applies, so I tested it on ee943004. The following
table shows the total duration of the data load, and also sizes of the two GIN

            duration (sec)          subject          body
   v2          1290                 23 MB           684 MB
   v3          1360                 24 MB           487 MB
   v3.1        1360                 24 MB           488 MB
Thank you very much.

Hmm. v3 is a just rebased version of v2, v3.1 hasn't unlock/lock cycle during cleanup, just to become similar to Jeff's pending lock patch. In theory, v2 and v3 should be very close, v3.1 should be close to pending_lock.

I'm inclining to push v3.1 as one of two winners by size/performance and, unlike to pending lock patch, it doesn't change an internal logic of lock machinery.

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