There are only 3 fundamental options I see, the cleaner can wait,
"help", or move on.

"Helping" is what it does now and is dangerous.

Moving on gives the above-discussed unthrottling problem.

Waiting has two problems.  The act of waiting will cause autovacuums
to be canceled, unless ugly hacks are deployed to prevent that.   If
we deploy those ugly hacks, then we have the problem that a user
backend will end up waiting on an autovacuum to finish the cleaning,
and the autovacuum is taking its sweet time due to
autovacuum_vacuum_cost_delay.  (The "helping" model avoids this
problem because the user backend can just catch up with and pass the
io-throttled autovac process)
With pending cleanup patch backend will try to get lock on metapage with ConditionalLockPage. Will it interrupt autovacum worker?

For completeness sake, a fourth option would to move on, but only
after inserting the tuple directly into the main index structure
(rather then the pending list) like would be done with fastupdate off,
once the pending list is already oversized.  This is my favorite, but
there is no chance of it going into 9.6, much less being backpatched.
Agree, will reimplement for 9.7

Alvaro's recommendation, to let the cleaner off the hook once it
passes the page which was the tail page at the time it started, would
prevent any process from getting pinned down indefinitely, but would
not prevent the size of the list from increasing without bound.  I
think that would probably be good enough, because the current
throttling behavior is purely accidentally and doesn't *guarantee* a
limit on the size of the pending list.
Added, see attached patch (based on v3.1)
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