The PostgreSQL 9.6 release management team has determined that there
is insufficient consensus at this time to revert any of the patches
mentioned in
because, with the exception of "snapshot too old", none of those
patches have attracted more than a single vote to revert.  While
"snapshot too old" has attracted three votes to revert (Tom, Bruce,
Andres), one of those was on the grounds of not liking the feature i
general rather than any specific problem with the implementation (Tom)
and another gave no reason at all (Bruce).  When originally proposed,
there was clear consensus that the feature was useful, so any revert
should be on the grounds that the current implementation is flawed.

The release management team notes that, while all of these patches
have multiple reported issues, it currently appears that all of those
issues are being worked on by authors of those patches.  Many of those
issues already have proposed patches, and those patches should be
given due consideration before proceeding with a revert.

The release management team encourages senior hackers and committers
to study these patches and the defects reported against them in detail
and to offer further opinions on whether fixing or reverting is more
appropriate in each case.  The technical reasons for those judgements
should be set forth in detail so that everyone can understand why the
patch is or is not a major risk to the stability of PostgreSQL 9.6.

Robert Haas
PostgreSQL 9.6 Release Management Team

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