Stas Kelvich <> writes:
>> On 04 May 2016, at 20:15, Tom Lane <> wrote:
>> Also, I'd supposed that we'd rename to tsvector_something, since
>> the same patch also introduced tsvector_to_array() and
>> array_to_tsvector().  What's the motivation for using ts_ as the
>> prefix?

> There is already several functions named ts_* (ts_rank, ts_headline, 
> ts_rewrite) 
> and two named starting from tsvector_* (tsvector_update_trigger, 
> tsvector_update_trigger_column).

> Personally I’d prefer ts_ over tsvector_ since it is shorter, and still 
> keeps semantics.

Yeah, I see we're already a bit inconsistent here.  The problem with using
a ts_ prefix, to my mind, is that it offers no option for distinguishing
tsvector from tsquery, should you need to do that.  Maybe this isn't a
problem for functions that have tsvector as input.

                        regards, tom lane

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