On 05/06/2016 01:50 PM, Andres Freund wrote:

Let's add VACUUM (FORCE) or something like that.

Yes, that makes sense.

This is actually inverted. Vacuum by default should vacuum the entire

What? Why on earth would that be a good idea? Not to speak of hte fact
that that's not been the case since ~8.4?

Sorry, I just meant the default behavior shouldn't change but I do agree that we need the ability to keep the same behavior.

,however if we are going to keep the existing behavior of this
patch, VACUUM (FROZEN) seems to be better than (FORCE)?

There already is FREEZE - meaning something different - so I doubt it.

Yeah I thought about that, it is the word "FORCE" that bothers me. When you use FORCE there is an assumption that no matter what, it plows through (think rm -f). So if we don't use FROZEN, that's cool but FORCE doesn't work either.



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