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I know that would never fly but damn if that wouldn't be an awesome keyword

It bothers me more than it probably should: Nobdy tests, reviews,
whatever a complex patch with significant data-loss potential. But as
soon somebody dares to mention an option name...

That is a fair complaint but let me ask you something:

How do I test?

Is there a script I can run? Are there specific things I can do to try and break it? What are we looking for exactly?

A lot of -hackers seem to forget that although we have 100 -hackers, we have 10000 "consultant/practitioners". Could I read the code and with a weekend of WTF and -hackers questions figure out what is going on, yes but a lot of people couldn't and I don't have the time.

You want me (or people like me) to test more? Give us an easy way to do it. Otherwise, we do what we can, which is try and interface on the things that will directly and immediately affect us (like keywords and syntax).



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