On Fri, May  6, 2016 at 03:32:23PM -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> > I think possibly the easiest fix for this is to have pg_upgrade,
> > instead of RESETting a nonexistent option, RESET something that's
> > still considered to require AccessExclusiveLock.  "user_catalog_table"
> > would work, looks like; though I'd want to annotate its entry in
> > reloptions.c to warn people away from downgrading its lock level.
> I tried fixing it like that.  The alternate RESET target had behaved as
> expected when I'd tested by hand, but in pg_upgrade it still fails,
> only now with
> Creating newly-required TOAST tables                        SQL command failed
> ALTER TABLE "public"."i_need_a_toast_table" RESET (user_catalog_table);
> ERROR:  pg_type OID value not set when in binary upgrade mode

I think this means that the ALTER TABLE RESET is adding or potentially
adding a pg_type row, and no one called

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