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> The poor performance of Postgresql in it's current default configuration 
> HAS cost us users, trust me, I know a few we've almost lost where I work 
> that I converted after some quick tweaking of their database.

About two years ago I talked some people into trying it at work to
use with IMP/Horde which had been having some corruption problems
while using MySQL (though it wasn't necessarily a problem with MySQL).
I told them to be sure to use 7.1. When they tried it out it couldn't
keep up with the load. I asked the guys what they tried and found out
they couldn't find 7.1 rpms and didn't want to compile from source and
so ended up using 7.0.?. Also as far as I could tell from talking to them,
they didn't do any tuning at all. They weren't interested in taking another
look at it after that. We are still using MySQL with that system today.

One of our DBAs is using it for some trial projects (including one for me)
even though we have a site license for Oracle.

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