>       "Easy to install but is horribly slow."
>               or
>       "Took a couple of minutes to configure and it rocks!"

Since when is it easy to install on win32?
The easiest way I know of is through Cygwin, then you have to worry about
installing the IPC service (an getting the right version too!) I've
installed versions 6.1 to 7.1, but I almost gave up on the windows install.
At least in 6.x you had very comprehensive installation guide with a TOC.

Versus the competition which are you going to choose if you're a wanna-be
DBA? The one with all he hoops to jump through, or the one that comes with a

Now I actually am in support of making it more aggressive, but it should
wait until we too have a setup.exe for the native windows port. (Changing it
on *n*x platforms is of little benefit because most benchmarks seem to run
it on w32 anyway :-( )

Just my $.02. I reserve the right to be wrong.

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