> >After it's all said and done, I would rather someone simply say, "it's
> >beyond my skill set", and attempt to get help or walk away.  That seems
> >better than them being able to run it and say, "it's a dog", spreading
> >word-of-mouth as such after they left PostgreSQL behind.  Worse yet,
> >those that do walk away and claim it performs horribly are probably
> >doing more harm to the PostgreSQL community than expecting someone to be
> >able to install software ever can.
> >
> <RANT>
> And that my friends is why PostgreSQL is still relatively obscure.

Dude - I hang out on PHPBuilder's database forums and you wouldn't believe
how often the "oh, don't use Postgres, it has a history of database
corruption problems" thing is mentioned.


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