Tom, Justin,

> > What I would really like to do is set the default shared_buffers to
> > 1000.  That would be 8 meg worth of shared buffer space.  Coupled with
> > more-realistic settings for FSM size, we'd probably be talking a shared
> > memory request approaching 16 meg.  This is not enough RAM to bother
> > any modern machine from a performance standpoint, but there are probably
> > quite a few platforms out there that would need an increase in their
> > stock SHMMAX kernel setting before they'd take it.

What if we supplied several sample .conf files, and let the user choose which 
to copy into the database directory?   We could have a "high read 
performance" profile, and a "transaction database" profile, and a 
"workstation" profile, and a "low impact" profile.   We could even supply a 
Perl script that would adjust SHMMAX and SHMMALL on platforms where this can 
be done from the command line.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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