Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I know you like it in that range, and 4 or 8 MB of buffers by default
> should not be a problem.  But personally I think if the optimal buffer
> size does not depend on both the physical RAM you want to dedicate to
> PostgreSQL and the nature and size of the database, then we have achieved
> a medium revolution in computer science. ;-)

But this is not about "optimal" settings.  This is about "pretty good"
settings.  As long as we can get past the knee of the performance curve,
I think we've done what should be expected of a default parameter set.

I believe that 1000 buffers is enough to get past the knee in most
scenarios.  Again, I haven't got hard evidence, but that's my best

                        regards, tom lane

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