I imagined they could run pgtune anytime after install to update those
performance parameters.  It gives them a one-stop location to at least
do minimal tuning, and as their load changes, they can run it again.


Daniel Kalchev wrote:
> >>>Bruce Momjian said:
> [...]
>  > For example, we can ask them how many rows and tables they will be
>  > changing, on average, between VACUUM runs.  That will allow us set the
>  > FSM params.  We can ask them about using 25% of their RAM for shared
>  > buffers.  If they have other major apps running on the server or have
>  > small tables, we can make no changes.  We can basically ask them
>  > questions and use that info to set values.
> Bruce, this is an very good idea and such tool would simplify setup for the 
> me-too type of DBA - we should definitely try to attract them.
> However, how could one possibly answer the above question, if they setup their 
> database for the first time?
> What is more, these settings are on a per-installation, not per-database - 
> which means, that if you have several small, but active databases and one 
> large database the requirements will be very different.
> Nobody likes answering such questions when installing new software. You might 
> enjoy it the first few times, but then learn the 'answers' and don't even 
> think what the question is. (we all know the answer :)
> Perhaps indeed a better idea is to have PostgreSQL itself collect usage 
> statistics, and from time to time print 'suggestions' to the log file (best in 
> my opinion), or have these available via some query. These suggestions should 
> best reflect the of course require minimal intervention to the database 
> system, such as restart etc.
> Daniel
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