On 07/02/2016 02:28 AM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
 static BIO_METHOD *
-       if (!my_bio_initialized)
+       if (!my_bio_methods)
-               memcpy(&my_bio_methods, BIO_s_socket(), sizeof(BIO_METHOD));
-               my_bio_methods.bread = my_sock_read;
-               my_bio_methods.bwrite = my_sock_write;
-               my_bio_initialized = true;
+               BIO_METHOD *biom = (BIO_METHOD *) BIO_s_socket();
+#if SSLEAY_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x10100000L
+               my_bio_methods = BIO_meth_new(BIO_TYPE_SOCKET, "pgsocket");
+               BIO_meth_set_write(my_bio_methods, my_sock_write);
+               BIO_meth_set_read(my_bio_methods, my_sock_read);
+               BIO_meth_set_gets(my_bio_methods, BIO_meth_get_gets(biom));
+               BIO_meth_set_ctrl(my_bio_methods, BIO_meth_get_ctrl(biom));
+               BIO_meth_set_create(my_bio_methods, BIO_meth_get_create(biom));
+               BIO_meth_set_destroy(my_bio_methods, 
+               BIO_meth_set_callback_ctrl(my_bio_methods, 
+               my_bio_methods = malloc(sizeof(BIO_METHOD));
+               memcpy(my_bio_methods, biom, sizeof(BIO_METHOD));
+               my_bio_methods->bread = my_sock_read;
+               my_bio_methods->bwrite = my_sock_write;

Generally, version number tests sprinkled all over the place are not
terribly nice.  I think it would be better to get configure to define a
symbol like HAVE_BIO_METH_NEW.  Not sure about the other hunks in this
patch; perhaps HAVE_BIO_SET_DATA, and #define both those macros if not.

Agreed, that it is not nice. I followed what the previous code did, but I do not like the inflation of this kind of #ifs with my OpenSSL 1.1 patches. I will try to see if I can figure out some good symbols.

Essentially the API changes which require ifdefs are:

- Opaque struts (we see an example above with the BIO struct)
- Renaming of RAND_SSLeay()
- Deprecation of DH_generate_parameters()
- Automatic initialization
- Automatic handling of threading

I do not like the idea of having a define per struct they have made opaque in 1.1, but I think one define for all structs could be fine (something like HAVE_OPENSSL_OPAQUE_STRUCTS). What do you think?


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